The Fishbowl Solution

Better Understand Your Guests So You Can Engage With Them In Meaningful Ways

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Analytics to help you increase visits from lapsed guests by 120%

Develop a winning pricing strategy and maximize profitability through comprehensive menu analytics.
360 CRM data leveraged in campaigns and promotions to attract new or lapsed guests and drive visits.


Marketing email with a 95% deliverability rate 

Optimize ROI through test and learn campaigns designed to optimize marketing performance.
Truly engage your list by creating targeted emails based on a customer’s preferred content, timing, and channel.
Deliver authentically local messaging and a consistent brand image.


25% loyalty conversion rates with an omni-channel approach

Programs designed to foster loyal relationships with individuals and maximize value for both your brand and guests.
Promotions Manager delivers closed-loop promotions to influence in-store behavior, optimize discounts, and reduce fraud.
Guest relationships enriched no matter how frequently they visit.

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